Josh Moyer Studio Manager/Producer

Title: Studio manager, problem solver, all-round-go-to-guy-for-everything-you-could-possibly-want-and-yes-we-do-mean-everything!

Noteworthy history: From his Detroit garage band beginnings to his engineering internships and mixing credentials, he not only manages all aspects of the studio, he’s performed them!

Best trait: A soft-spoken, easygoing manner and a “we’ve got it covered” attitude that makes even the most frantic producers feel at ease.

Worst trait: He seems to be everywhere at once, so we can never do anything behind his back.

Justin Kaupp Mixer/Sound Designer

Title: Sound assassin, musician, late night Phantom of the Studio.

Noteworthy history: At age two, showed an uncanny fascination with microphone polar patterns. When accepting the 2014 Radio Mercury Award he was still more fascinated with the microphone at the ceremony than with the award.

Best trait: Able to detect a mouth click from two blocks away.

Worst trait: Able to detect a mouth click from two blocks away.

Bob Pomann CWO Creative Director

Title: President, Studio Visionary, Chief Worrying Officer

Noteworthy history: Originally inspired to direct films, Bob soon realized that audio tracks, especially radio, were very much a visual medium. Plus you didn’t have to hang around some mosquito infested swamp at dawn waiting for the light to change.

Best trait: A genius at creating and manipulating dozens of audio tracks at the same time and teaching those secrets to his staff.

Worst trait: A borderline unhealthy obsession with slot car racing.

Max Conklin Mixer/Sound Designer

Title: Sound designer extraordinaire, pop culture junkie, resident ray of sunshine.

Noteworthy history: High school wiz kid regarding anything electronic

Best trait: A disarming, easygoing personality that somehow allows him to make tense, high-pressure situations go smoothly and effortlessly.

Worst trait: Over-knowledgeable about Star Wars. Let’s just say you don’t want to get him started.

Diana "Dee" David Engineer

Title: Chief Editing Officer

Noteworthy history: Edited dialogue for two video games before the age of 20

Best Trait: Owns multiple items of pizza-themed clothing

Allen Alexander Spanish Voice Director/Casting

Title: Spanish Voice Director, Casting Director and all-round nice guy.

Noteworthy history: Quickly rose to fame in the Hispanic market as a trusted voice to some of the most recognizable brands in advertising and countless Hollywood movie trailers.

Best trait: Understands all aspects of the Hispanic market.

Worst trait: Always rushing off to some other high powered voiceover gig and doesn’t hang out with us nearly as often as we’d like.

Winnie Team Mascot

Title: Mascot, Lobby Greeter, Security Specialist

Noteworthy history: After a careful review of humans at the NYC Humane Society, adopted Josh and the Pomann team as her official family.

Best trait: Can hear sounds up to 45,000Hz!

Worst traits: Demands petting from all visitors and elicits silly, infantile sounds from anyone who sees her.