Josh Moyer Studio Manager/Producer

Title: Studio manager, problem solver, all-around-go-to-guy-for-everything-you-could-possibly-want-and-yes-we-do-mean-everything!

Noteworthy history: From his Detroit garage band beginnings to his engineering internships and mixing credentials, he not only manages all aspects of the studio, he’s performed them!

Best trait: A soft-spoken, easygoing manner and a “we’ve got it covered” attitude that makes even the most frantic producers feel at ease.

Worst trait: He seems to be everywhere at once, so we can never do anything behind his back.

Justin Kaupp Mixer/Sound Designer

Bob Pomann CWO Creative Director

Title: President, Studio Visionary, Chief Worrying Officer

Noteworthy history: Originally inspired to direct films, Bob soon realized that audio tracks, especially radio, were very much a visual medium. Plus you didn’t have to hang around some mosquito infested swamp at dawn waiting for the light to change.

Best trait: A genius at creating and manipulating dozens of audio tracks at the same time and teaching those secrets to his staff.

Worst trait: A borderline unhealthy obsession with slot car racing.

Max Conklin Mixer/Sound Designer

Title: Sound designer extraordinaire, pop culture junkie, resident ray of sunshine.

Noteworthy history: High school wiz kid regarding anything electronic

Best trait: A disarming, easygoing personality that somehow allows him to make tense, high-pressure situations go smoothly and effortlessly.

Worst trait: Over-knowledgeable about Star Wars. Let’s just say you don’t want to get him started.

Diana "Dee" David Engineer

Title: Chief Editing Officer

Noteworthy history: Edited dialogue for two video games before the age of 20

Best Trait: Owns multiple items of pizza-themed clothing

John McKinney Casting Director

Title: Casting Director, resident playwright.

Noteworthy history: Achieved award-winning success as both a copywriter and a published playwright, allowing him to connect our advertising clients with some of the best New York theater actors for both union and non-union jobs.

Best trait: Understands “Actorspeak,” a mysterious language spoken only by actors which leads to clearer communication and richer performances.

Worst trait: Sometimes forgets that he’s no longer on the agency side and scarfs down the food that was put out for the clients.

Allen Alexander Spanish Voice Director/Casting

Title: Spanish Voice Director, Casting Director and all-round nice guy.

Noteworthy history: Quickly rose to fame in the Hispanic market as a trusted voice to some of the most recognizable brands in advertising and countless Hollywood movie trailers.

Best trait: Understands all aspects of the Hispanic market.

Worst trait: Always rushing off to some other high powered voiceover gig and doesn’t hang out with us nearly as often as we’d like.

Winnie Team Mascot

Title: Mascot, Lobby Greeter, Security Specialist

Noteworthy history: After a careful review of humans at the NYC Humane Society, adopted Josh and the Pomann team as her official family.

Best trait: Can hear sounds up to 45,000Hz!

Worst traits: Demands petting from all visitors and elicits silly, infantile sounds from anyone who sees her.