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Music is a language unto itself, and our mixers all speak it fluently. Each a musician/composer in his own right, they can translate our clients’ vision into musical terms to achieve the exact result required. Their passion for their craft combined with their knowledge of today’s cutting edge sounds and styles can be heard in every stage of your project, whether you’re seeking a particular style of stock music or a fully produced original score.

Along with thousands of libraries from around the world we’ve also built our own searchable music archive so if the sound you’re looking for exists, we’ll find it. And if it’s not quite perfect for your needs, we can edit it, rearrange it, and even layer our own original tracks to it so it will be. Best of all we can do it all in a way that fits your budget, so even when we quote you an estimate you’re sure to like what you hear.

  • custom music
  • stock music searches
  • music supervision
  • licensing