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Need your actor’s voice to sound crisper and cut through your sound effects better? We’ve got the perfect microphone for that. Want your actor to sound like a man on the street interviewer? Got a microphone for that, too. Need a roomful of actors to engage in dialogue while having discrete tone and quality control of each voice? No problem. With our wide array of high-end microphones, preamps and isolation booth configurations we’re able to capture every nuance of a live recording and shape it to perfection.

When it comes time to edit, our fleet-fingered engineers can manipulate any detail of your track almost as quickly as you can request it. In fact, you’ll probably find that they’re often two steps ahead of you, anticipating your needs as the session progresses. And with their expansive knowledge of today’s coolest, cutting edge effects and processors, they’ll be able to take your sound to the limits of your imagination – and beyond.

  • Voice over direction
  • 3 custom iso-booths
  • ISDN (Telos Zephyr, CDQ, Source Connect, bridging service for all codecs)
  • ADR (local & via ISDN/Source Connect)