Every Sound in Its Right Place: The Challenge of Mixing Audio in 2017

Our custom made “Talibox” helps us create the perfect audio experience on any device.

It doesn’t take more than a quick trip to Best Buy to realize how much visual technology and picture quality have changed in the last 10–15 years. Even bigger changes, however, have taken place in audio, and very few people are talking about them.

In simpler times, audio engineers and mixers only had to focus on mixing for a select few formats, including broadcast TV, radio, and film. These playback systems were fairly standard. Within the last ten years, however, the entire landscape has changed.

With the emergence of smart phones, laptop computers, tablets, portable gaming consoles, ear-bud headphones, streaming video services, Bluetooth speakers, flat-screen TVs, and other devices with built-in speakers, audio mixers have found themselves facing a new challenge: making our mixes sound good across every device!

There’s just one problem: it isn’t quite that simple. Each device has different hardware and digital specifications that drastically affect the sound during playback. For instance, a home theater set-up will sound very different than a flat screen TV or an iPad.

On a cellphone, though, the speaker can only produce a narrow set of frequencies and has heavy built-in compression. Therefore, loud and soft sounds will end up being perceived to be at the same volume. An example of this is that happens often is the sound of gravel footsteps sounding just as loud as an explosion. At Pomann Sound, we’ve been working hard to fix that.

Throughout the years, we have been perfecting a system of mixing that will help your content sound great on every device, from an iPhone all the way to a surround-sound home theater system. We’ve worked hard to figure out the optimal compression techniques, frequency spectrums, and “loudness” monitoring systems to ensure that every element in the mix is clear and pleasing.

Never content with the status-quo, we’ve even designed a special monitoring box with iPhone speakers, laptop speakers, and a low-res mono speaker all built in. Why so many speakers? This approach allows us to shuffle back and forth to ensure good sound across the board as we mix. Well mixed sound is an integral part of story-telling, and our job is to make sure that every project we touch sounds as good as possible wherever you hear it.

This is just a taste of the thoughtfulness and innovation that colors every Pomann Sound project. We’re serious about sound, and we pull out all the stops to make sure your finished product sounds absolutely perfect. Interested in learning more or experiencing what we do for yourself? Give us a call or swing by our penthouse studio and let’s make something awesome.